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Great Ideal Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is a professional LCD Cable assembly Manufacturer. Being the leading LCD cable manufacturer in this field, Great Ideal Co., Ltd., provide the advanced technical procedures, stable qualified and highly efficiency for the LCD cables. At the beginning, we not only privde service of custom design for customer's requirement, but also build mutual R&D development to meet new market. Headquarter office located in Taiwan Taoyun, and set up factory in China (Qiaotou Taown Dongguan city Canton province), to offer instant contact window and technical service for worldwide request. 快異點公司創立於1997年,是專業LCDCABLE製造服務的公司。 身為專業LCD CABLE製造服務業的成員,快異點公司提供了先進的LCD CABLE製程技術及品質與最佳的製造效率並且也建立了口碑。 自創立開始,快異點公司除持續提供客戶客製化設計製造服務外、也與客戶建立共同開發及創新研發線材的管道。 總公司位於桃園市中壢區,在中國大陸設有子公司(工廠設於廣東省東莞市橋頭鎮),提供全球客戶即時的業務和技術服務。